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It’s nice to be right


Four years ago I wrote an article for this paper in support of Megan Clark’s candidacy for Commonwealth Attorney, Prince Edward County.

In the article I spoke to the need in Prince Edward County, for new leadership and for new ideas. Since her election, Clark has shown herself to be very adept at providing both. She has proven to be a steadfast advocate for women and a staunch fighter against domestic violence, and all crimes against children.

Clark has leveraged her experience in all phases of legal prosecution with cases involving drug possession and distribution, homicide, rape, crimes against children, larceny and fraud; and has demonstrated her determination to be the protector of law and order in our County.

She has also been active in the community; helping and strongly supporting the Prince Edward County Christmas Mother organization, to ensure that no child goes without a gift on Christmas; and giving of her time to speak at numerous public events.

Her broad level of experience and enormous generosity have proven to be a wonderful asset for our County. Strong leadership and excellent management skills are not easy to find; and we have both qualities in Clark. In addition to those skills, she has exemplified what Aristotle calls, “Moral Excellence,” — the intellectual and moral courage to do what is right and proper, regardless of the pressures from within or from those external to yourself and/or organization. We are extremely fortunate to have Megan Clark as our Commonwealth Attorney. People with her fine standards are a rarity, and have particular value today, more than ever.

Again, as I did four years ago, I strongly urge you to show your full support and vote for Megan Clark, Commonwealth Attorney.

Leonard F. Picotte

Prince Edward County