In support of Scales

Published 11:31 am Thursday, October 10, 2019


I met Patricia Scales years ago when I taught high school sciences for Cumberland County. We had a student who had threatened students, teachers and other staff, and we had decided to take legal action. I had never had to testify in a criminal court before, and I was nervous.

Ms. Scales, the Commonwealth’s Attorney, was calm and reassuring. She asked me clear and concise questions that got to the heart of the matter. She was observant. Even though she was in the middle of asking questions of a witness, she pointed out to the judge what the defendant was doing that was disrespectful.

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She can think on her feet. She had done her homework on the case, and it was over with fairly quickly. I was impressed and relieved; I felt safe.

Since that day years ago, I have seen her at many events in the county. She cares about Cumberland. I recommend her whole heartedly to continue as our Commonwealth Attorney.

Sandy Bruton