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In support of Epps


We have an important election coming up in November for our county. On Nov. 5, citizens will go to their local polls and cast their votes for candidates running for sheriff of Prince Edward County. I will be supporting the independent candidate, my father, Tony Epps.

My dad has always treated everyone equally no matter age, race or ethnicity. Growing up, it became clear to me that my father was happy to help anyone who needed it, expecting nothing in return. Caring, compassionate, honest and intelligent are all words to be used when talking about Tony Epps. With his passion for law enforcement and willingness to help the community at all times, he is the right choice for this position.

He has shown tireless campaign efforts, reaching out to citizens in the community, proving he will be a true advocate for Prince Edward County.

On a personal note, I have seen what my father is capable of accomplishing when called on. In 2013 when his wife, (my mother) passed, he stepped up to the plate and raised myself, and my two younger brothers on his own. It takes a man to raise a family, especially by himself. It is clear to me that my father is the best candidate for sheriff of Prince Edward County, and I ask you to join me in supporting him. Get out to your local polls on Nov. 5, and vote L.A. “Tony” Epps.

Jacob Epps