In support of Epps

Published 9:53 am Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Tony Epps is the most qualified person for Prince Edward County Sheriff. He is able to engage all facets of law enforcement in a fair and equitable manner, demonstrated in his prior experience. Tony Epps understands the day-to-day demands and functions necessary to keep Prince Edward County safe. His passion for the community and for the men and women of Prince Edward County Sheriff ’s Office will show in his everyday commitment toward improvement.

Tony understands the importance of staying connected to community issues, developing employees, forging collaborative relationships and planning for the future.

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I am a former Prince Edward County Deputy Sheriff, and I know Tony personally and he is a fair and honest man who treats everyone he encounters with respect. I am confident and proud to say that Tony Epps would serve all residents of Prince Edward County with dignity and respect.

Theodore Anderson