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Bruce seeks 4th District seat

William “Bill” R. Bruce

How can there be progress by electing the same type of candidate? The history of the 4th District Board of Supervisors in Cumberland County has been just that — by only 200 plus voters choosing J. Hubert Allen, Elbert R. Womack and David E. Meinhard over the years.

Bill Bruce has been an Independent Candidate for 15 years. He believes the people should have the say, not a particular party, about our County.

In his 15 years of dealing with Cumberland County politics he has heard numerous complaints in his district and across the county, i.e., taxes are too high, need a grocery store, and jobs. Out of the 1,700 registered voters, only 200 plus seem to choose and the same “Good Ole Boy Network” of raising taxes get elected. Sure, others try to vote for honesty, transparency and positive change, and he thanks all of them for not giving up, but please get more people to the polls. There can’t be change just more taxes. In 25 years its gone up 0.40 cents.

The current Board of Supervisors just completed a county-wide property assessment and the results will not be released until after the election.

Bruce gets results and has been vindicated repeatedly over the years for fighting for the people. He has no hidden agenda — just to be the voice of the people.

Bruce lost the last election in 2015 by only three votes (every vote counts) and he is very grateful for those who support him and he promises to show all of Cumberland that there is a better way than the “Good Ole Boy Network!”

He knows there are people who don’t like him, but just like in all of politics each candidate has somebody, somewhere, that disagrees with them. Criminals don’t like the police, tax dodgers don’t like the IRS and the Democrats and Republicans don’t like an Independent Candidate.

Bruce cannot understand why people don’t come out to vote and allow the same type to keep getting elected. These non-voters keep complaining about high taxes and that Cumberland has nothing.

While Bruce has attended over 75% of the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors meetings and a few of the other Boards meetings over the years.

Bruce was instrumental in getting the election of a school board on the Cumberland County ballot and it passed by 75% of the voters because he believes the people’s voice matters, especially when 78% of the county taxes goes toward the County’s school budget, leaving only 22% remaining for the Sheriff’s Office, Fire & Safety, Rescue squad, and the Courthouse and Maintenance staff. When people don’t come out to vote, the same type of candidate keeps getting elected.

Bruce has an idea how to greatly effect change by applying for Federal Government Grant Money for Rural Areas to build Water Process Plants.

Don’t let your friends complain anymore. Ask them to vote for an honorable Navy veteran. Bruce could have stated his life history in the hopes that his past could connect with one of them; however, Bruce’s past 15 years of rigorously defending Cumberland citizens should show that he promises to fight for all citizens and this can only be done with your help by voting for him on Nov. 5.