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Alopecia project at Fuqua

Jeff Woytovich, founder of the Children’s Alopecia Project, visited Fuqua School on Sept. 20, while on a cross-country speaking tour.

Woytovich shared his experiences with his daughter, Maddie, and her diagnosis of Alopecia with Fuqua School students in kindergarten/ first-grade and sixth-grade.

This was a special visit as one of Fuqua’s own kindergarten/first-grade Falcons, Gwen Franssen, was recently diagnosed with Alopecia.

The students learned that Alopecia can happen to anyone, that it isn’t contagious, and that those who experience it are not “sick.”

Woytovich talked about differences in students and mentioned how those with Alopecia are no different from their classmates. At the end of his visit, Woytovich donated two books about his daughter titled, “Maddie,” to Fuqua’s Lower School/ Middle School library and to Mrs. Carilli’s classroom.