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Route 60 study continues

By Jamie Ruff

Special to The Farmville Herald

The Route 60 Corridor Study of how to maintain traffic flow and improve safety continues, with two public hearings already held and a third opportunity for input expected later.

The road is a major thoroughfare that goes east to west and transverses much of Virginia through the center of the state, and the study will focus on a 103-mile stretch through Powhatan, Cumberland, Nelson, Appomattox, Buckingham and Amherst counties. The study will serve as an update to a 1999 study of the same corridor.

The Virginia Department of Transportation held citizen information meetings on July 17 and 24 to present the concepts and strategies for potential corridor improvements on the Route 60 corridor in the six counties.

“The improvements are intended to enhance safety and capacity along the corridor, while balancing the needs of economic development and access management,” a VDOT website noted of the project.

The first meeting was held in the Buckingham County Administration Complex Auditorium, while the one the following week was held at the Powhatan Middle School.

The meetings are to give citizens an opportunity to learn more about the study, meet with VDOT representatives and provide input.

At the meeting, people asked about everything from whether the impact of commuter traffic to Richmond and bus traffic being considered, to whether landfill traffic in Cumberland was being given enough consideration.

All the issues brought up will be duly considered, said,” Paula Jones, VDOT spokeswoman.

“Two public involvement opportunities have taken place and information gleaned during those sessions will be reviewed as the study progresses,” she said in a recent email. “Next steps include a safety analysis, identification of recommendations, meetings with VDOT’s partners, including local officials, law enforcement and others. One or more opportunities for public involvement will occur at a later date.”