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Mr. Spates — the man of all time


On Tuesday morning when I arrived at my part-time job, someone came up to me and asked me had I heard the news about Mr. Spates retiring from his town managers job, that it’s on Facebook. I was shocked, because I knew it wasn‘t true. When I got home I called his office. His secretary told me yes, it’s true. I never thought of him ever retiring.

I doubt if anyone will be able to fill his shoes. Mr. Spates is a wonderful man. He’s done so much for this town and the people. When I had a problem and couldn’t get it solved, I would call Mr. Spates office. If he was out of his office, I left a message for him. He always, always found time out of his busy schedule to call me back and if he couldn’t reach me he always called until he did. I knew that his job of running this town wasn’t easy, but he always had time for the little people like me. He will be greatly missed. May God bless him and his family.

Sallie Ward