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Community pride


Summer and fall are certainly great times to take a look around our community at the many beautifully groomed yards, parks and areas of business. These positive appearances make our Heart of Virginia appealing and inviting for the ones who live here, those who visit, and those who decide to extend their stay.

To assure that we keep looking our best, it should be expected that all property owners recognize their responsibilities for property upkeep and maintenance. Codes and ordinances that relate to these obligations already exist. These should be respected by everyone without exception and enforced by those in authority without ongoing delays. Taking forever is not an option.

Since eyesores are the products of neglect, all citizens should take time to meet with their supervisors, council representatives, and other county and town officials if particular concerns exist about any property with questionable maintenance and appearance. Public officials have abilities to address these unfortunate circumstances and citizens need to hear that their leaders genuinely care. Each concern should be considered in a timely manner with complete sincerity.

Residents, get involved. Visit the County court house or the town hall where property upkeep information should be readily available. Ask for it. Read it. Understand it. Apply it. Recognize its purpose. While there ask to speak to someone who works with property issues. Take every opportunity to voice your concerns and the need for solutions.

This is about community pride! Look around. What do you see?

Donna M. Browning