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‘Soup for the Soul’ held

Cumberland Presbyterian Church began an outreach mission project, “Soup for the Soul” six years ago. Once a month, church volunteers, including some from Guinea Presbyterian Church, meet and select a recipe for the month ahead. The necessary ingredients are purchased by the volunteers and brought to the church kitchen on “Soup Day.” There is fun and fellowship, while peeling, chopping and stirring. As many as 12 people have come to help cook and deliver soup. There are two 16-quart stew pots simmering for several hours.

So far 1,134 quarts of soup have been taken on 929 home deliveries. The very first soup day, 9 quarts were attempted. A short visit and fellowship are appreciated by the recipients, the number of which varies, but there are always extra quarts planned for multiple family members. The cooks gather for lunch along with Reverend Brown before the deliveries are made to those who are homebound or who are recovering from an illness.

Pat and Al Spillman were the original organizers of this mission project, because they were avid gardeners and knew the power of fresh home-grown ingredients. Their generous donations have enabled the delivery counts to increase. Al uses a long wooden spoon that keeps the soup perfect and the volunteers in line. Some would rather chop celery and carrots than peel garlic and onions. Norma Kirby has been the coordinator of the Soup Mission project for the past two years. She is perfect at keeping the assembly line moving and making sure each serving is “souper good.”

Norma has a treasury of recipes from Italian Wedding Soup to Fresh Corn Chowder, passed along from Pat and Al. Many have become so popular that they are requested, and a church cookbook may be in the future. Cumberland Presbyterian has been blessed with compassionate members, who love doing God’s work and “Soup for the Sout” has worked wonders. June Warriner, a church member suggested using “turnips.”

“Turn up” with a smile and new ideas. “Turn up” to make everything count for something good.