Jackson announces candidacy

Published 4:00 pm Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Kenneth Jackson will be running for District Two, Lockett District with the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors.

Kenneth Jackson

He is a 52-year-old, 14-year resident of Prince Edward County, and proud resident of the Rice/Locket District. As a native of Charlottesville, Jackson has studied Business Administration at Piedmont Virginia Community College, Political Leadership at UVA’s Sorensen Institute, (Certification) Criminal Justice at Southside Virginia Community College. Certification for Child Care (VDSS), 32-year career as a chef and restaurant management, former two-term vice-chair, Prince Edward County Democratic Committee; Former 2009-2010 director and president of the Mary E. Branch Community Center and Summer Youth Program, and co-founder of Prince Edward County Democratic/Republic Committee.

According to Jackson, “more important than any degree is getting out in the community and getting to know all neighbors in Locket District, be they from Orchard Road to Poorhouse Road. Be it we meet at Jenkins Blue and Gray, Countyline Market or Dollar General; whether we meet in the same church or just the same road. Regardless of color, religion or economic background we are all the same and share many of the same concerns about our district.”

Jackson believes being your Supervisor is not about him; but about you, his fellow citizens, neighbors, brothers and sisters. It is about, when his term is completed, what has he done for all of you. Has he left you better off than you were before? Has he placed your needs over his own, or others special interest? If he does for one, he must do for all.

Jackson wants to work on three major factors that bring about the most important need for our county and its communities:

Education, new school construction or renovation; infrastructure, paving public and private county road system; and public safety, fully funding all needs of fire, police and rescue; these things in return bring new business and build existing businesses so they can thrive, as well as generate revenue for the county and allow us to keep the tax burden on our citizens, land and business owners low.

He believes that local government is the people’s first line to all their local needs. It is his job to find funding, be it grants, state or federal allocation funds or private to ensure our citizens have what they need.

Jackson does not believe it is a career job, but a sacred duty and his neighbors will have full access to him at all times.

Jackson will not serve more than two terms and will ensure that his predecessor will have a solid foundation to serve his fellow neighbors of Locket District and Prince Edward.

Jackson hopes that his fellow voters on Nov. 5 will allow him to be their public servant, and thanks them for their consideration and support.