Democrats are not socialists

Published 12:17 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2019


I’m tired of hearing how Democrats are socialist, we’re not. We do believe that some parts of our society should be paid for by all of us, like our police, schools, roads, etc. Donald Trump, who rants against socialism, is actually a socialist when he decides to impose tariffs on products controlling the price of products. Then he also decides how much farmers will get for their crops with his tax-payer aide. He is giving billions of tax-payer money to farmers and others who have been hurt by his price-setting tariffs, a government buyout but at a loss to most producers. So he sets the price to the buyer (China) with his tariffs, and then he sets the price to the producer/farmer with his buy-out. This is socialism. And even worse, his buy-out is giving $62 million of our money to JBS Meat Packing which is owned by two Brazilian, billionaire brothers known for their corruption. This is un-American and incompetent.

Donald Trump is always accusing others of his own shortcomings. When he claims to be a capitalist who believes in free trade, that’s “fake news.”

Sandy Bruton