Appraisers chosen for Green Ridge

Published 1:30 pm Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Cumberland County Board of Supervisors voted to approve two appraiser organizations that would provide property assessments for land and residences closest to the Green Ridge landfill.

The site for the approximately 1,143-acre landfill is located off Route 60 at the Cumberland-Powhatan county line. The conditional use permit and rezoning request for the landfill were approved by the Cumberland board in June of last year.

The two appraisers, according to the Cumberland County meeting board packet, were Coverly Company, located in Amelia Court House, and MGMiller Valuations, located on Patterson Avenue in Richmond.

The two appraisers were chosen as a part of the Property Value Assurance Program included in the Green Ridge Host Community Agreement.

“While the agreement requires the approval of two appraiser, others may be added at any time by mutual agreement of the parties,” the staff report concerning the appraisers in the meeting board packet cited.

According to the host community agreement included on the Cumberland County website, one of the appraisers can provide an estimate of the property cost at the expense of Green Ridge. A second appraisal would come at the expense of the participant receiving the appraisal. The appraisal is open to land located within a half-mile of the proposed landfill. The deadline for the program was Feb. 28.

Paragraph six of the Property Value Assessment Program describes the appraisals’ role in the program. The paragraph states, in full:

“Under the Program, Green Ridge and the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors (“the board”) will mutually agree upon an approved list of at least two residential real estate appraisers licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia (“the approved appraisers”). If the board and Green Ridge cannot agree on at least two appraisers, then the board and Green Ridge will each designate a licensed appraiser, and two designated appraisers will then select a panel of two approved appraisers.

“Green Ridge, at its expense, will obtain an appraisal of each participant’s eligible property as of the effective date (except as otherwise provided for nearby properties), through one of the approved appraisers, within 90 days of the effective date. If a participant so chooses, a second appraisal may be approved by another approved appraiser at the participant’s expense, and the appraised value then will equal the average of the two appraisals. The appraised value for each participant’s eligible property will be the ‘Base Year Value’ for such participant’s eligible property. Each participant will give the approved appraisers reasonable access to the eligible property.”