Some facts about roads and dumps

Published 4:13 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2019


If you travel to Virginia Beach and take Hwy. 264, you will pass Mount Trashmore, a very attractive Virginia Beach City park built on a former landfill site. It is well used according to websites.

Amelia has a landfill built along the Norfolk Southern rail line in Amelia. Driven by it many times, and taken truck loads of trash there and never been offended by any terrible odors.

The largest business between the Powhatan county line and Cumberland Courthouse on U.S. Route 60 is a trucking firm. Many roads in Cumberland have the orange diamond shaped signs informing drivers that log trucks are entering the roads. Many days on U.S. Route 60 you may be following a load of chickens headed to a processing plant on State Route 33 in Richmond.

Many years ago U.S. Route 60 was four lanes to the village of Midlothian. Then it was extended west to U.S. Route 522. If traffic is increasing, which I’m sure it is, maybe it is time to push our elected officials to extend four lanes to Cumberland Courthouse.

Saving the historic school should be done but also should have been done before now and not used as a pawn in the landfill debate.

Both Powhatan and Cumberland ship their trash to other localities. Seems as long as it isn’t here, that is all that matters. What I have read (about) the landfill will provide some jobs and for a good number of years. I’m sure it will provide more permanent jobs and income for the county than either the Cobbs Creek Lake or any solar farm. Both of those have their benefits. I believe the landfill will be an asset for Cumberland County. If nothing else it might keep some plastic out of the world’s oceans.

William Frame