More than a win

Published 12:06 pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019


The University of Virginia’s historic and monumental win in the NCAA Basketball Championship has not only proved to be a major success and victory for the players, staff, the entire university and its stellar head coach, but one for Charlottesville and the entire Commonwealth.

This win is more than just about sports and three-pointers. It’s about unity, coupled with poise and dedication to working hard and together and having faith, not only in our fellow human, but in ourselves while harnessing the potential of our intuition and our community with one voice.

This win is what Charlottesville and Virginia needs right now. It’s my hope, and I hope it’s considered the same by you, of one that is an example of modesty, fairness, and strength with dedication to bettering those around us and ourselves to the degree of which is measured our children and our children’s children of doing what’s right and just.

Thomas Jordan Miles III