Don’t be misled

Published 11:08 am Thursday, April 4, 2019


James Peca is at it again, criticizing sensible analysis of the current issues facing our nation. Economics? The far Left would have us believe that socialism, which removes all human incentive and individual identity is the answer for America. The loudest proponents are millennials like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC). These misguided people have never experienced prosperity until now. Their opportunities are unlimited, and they are bombarded with the unsubstantiated rantings of doomsday prophets. The planet will destruct in 12 years don’t you know … unless we adopt a New Green Deal. Do away with energy, fossil based fuels and include nuclear, which does not generate carbon emissions. Let’s do away with cars and planes and cows. Trees release methane but absorb carbon. What to do about that one?

Yet Peca calls AOC a “smart, outspoken, Latina.” Identity politics at its finest. So she is a woman, and she is a minority and she is obviously misinformed. She often has to back pedal to cover her ignorance of facts and consequences. Boston University should hang its head in shame for granting her a degree. Let’s overtax the people who are investing heavily in our economy, creating jobs and wealth. Let’s give away for free everything that we strive for as individuals. Let government run our lives, as well as they do the Postal Service and the VA. Give them power over our health care, employment, housing, education, speech and give up willingly every right we have. Let’s continue to paint us all as “victims,” except the white male of course.

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There will always be a role for government, providing for our security and ensuring that the states do not legislate in opposition to the Constitution, thereby ensuring our God-given rights. Socialism and economic and political liberalism are about “power and control” not compassion. Make no mistake about this. The individual is crushed beneath Totalitarianism, be it by the dictatorship of an individual or the dictatorship of the government.

Lucy Klaus,