Radical politicians and their ‘lists’

Published 11:40 am Thursday, March 7, 2019

It’s difficult to imagine the demise of a free republic like the U.S. But as in any society, radical changes and a constant disregard for the rule of law supported by rogue elected officials, radical courts and their activist judges, and media outlets willing to constantly publish false news, all have that affect. As U.S. citizens, we elect government representatives who swear to defend our Constitution and the freedom it protects. Instead, what we are witnessing today is widespread radical activism supported by activist judges and a press willing to give up good and honest journalism all helping to advance this destabilizing behavior.

Totalitarianism is defined as governmental centralized control by an autocratic authority, or politically, a system of government where citizens are completely subject to some “state” authority. Simply put, it is dictatorial. Citizens either agree with it or are somehow disposed of or locked away so as to no longer cause trouble.

Freedom means having options. In America, we have the ability to choose our own political and economic direction. We can certainly choose Socialism, Communism, or some other sort of totalitarianism. We can choose to be led by some dictator, or even a committee of these self-serving political types. But here’s the problem: once that choice is made, it ends there. There isn’t a second choice – at least not without a lot of destruction and personal sacrifice – the kind that costs human lives.

Today, we have radical politicians supported by radical judges and even more radical news outlets all willing to “list” politicians and others who disagree with their agenda. Definitely, this is radical behavior that leads us to a choice. We can sit back and let dictatorial rule be our future, or we can elect leaders who support our right to choose – the absolute right and need to openly and freely debate sides and disagree with each other. History is being erased in America, and with it the lessons learned that got us where we are today. Unless Americans are willing to give into dictatorial rule, we need to rise above the noisy interference by those who are working hard to dismantle our American Republic and reach out to leaders who, instead, support American democracy, the rule of law, and above all, open and un-camouflaged truth.

PETER KAPUSCINSKI lives in Buckingham County. His email address is petekap@centurylink.net.