Fuqua students learn about the Civil Rights Movement

Published 3:59 pm Thursday, March 14, 2019

Cainan Townsend, Director of Education and Public Programs at Robert Russa Moton Museum, visited Fuqua School’s fourth through eighth-graders recently. His presentation, The Moton Story, shared the history of the Civil Rights Movement and how this impacted our country and Prince Edward County. He also gave a pictorial history of Prince Edward County and showed pictures of the different schools and had students make comparisons.

Townsend also had the students participate in several interactive activities including a simulation to demonstrate the difference between equality and equity. He also discussed sympathy and empathy, the differences between them and how kids can show empathy to people that are different from them. Townsend stated, “It is very important to continue conversations about these topics to ensure they do not happen again. The Moton Museum and its staff enjoys sharing these lessons with young students.”

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