Board of Supervisors talk candidacy

Published 10:23 am Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Cumberland Board of Supervisors District Three Supervisor Kevin Ingle confirmed he intends to run for re-election, and District One Supervisor William “Bill” Osl and District Two Supervisor Lloyd Banks confirmed they do not intend to run.

The supervisors made statements concerning the November election during the March 12 board of supervisors meeting.

Resident Barbara Speas, during the public comment period, asked each supervisor whether they would be running for re-election.

Kevin Ingle

“I intend to,” Ingle said in response to Speas’ question. Ingle said in a Monday phone interview that he has served two terms on the board, each term lasting four years.

Osl said he does not intend to run for a seat on the board.

“I’m not planning on running,” Osl said. “The requirements are not due to the registrar until June,” Osl added.

Osl said in a Friday interview that he is finishing his fourth term as a supervisor, 16 years in total.

William “Bill” Osl

“I have thoroughly enjoyed serving the citizens of the 1st District in Cumberland County, and the citizens of Cumberland County,” Osl said. “It’s been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot. Hopefully I’ve contributed something to the future welfare of the county, and at the same time after 16 years I think it’s time for some fresh blood and new ideas and different perspectives on things, and I think it’s appropriate for me to step off at this time and give some other people a chance to get their opportunity to contribute to the county.”

Osl said he intends to continue to serve on the state Farm Bureau board. He and his family will also continue to live in the county. He said he has a farm that has been on the market, but that he does not intend to move anytime soon.

Lloyd Banks

Banks said he did not plan to run for another term on the board.

“I don’t intend to run again,” Banks said.

Banks said in a Monday interview that he has served two terms on the board.

“I have served the community for eight years and I am an avid supporter of term limits for elected officials,” Banks said in a statement Monday. “I don’t support anyone being a career politician.”

When Speas addressed District Five Supervisor Parker Wheeler and Chairman and District Four Supervisor David Meinhard directly during the meeting, both said they plan to potentially make announcements in June.

The deadline to register as a candidate for the November 2019 general election in Cumberland County is June 11, according to the Cumberland County Registrar’s office. According to Registrar Marlene Watson, prospective candidates pick up and fill out what are called candidate packets, which are held at the office.