Group attends rally

Published 11:22 am Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A group of local teens and adults attended a pro-life rally in Richmond recently. Chris and Diana Shores, of Cumberland, were organizers for the event.

Approximately 1,200 took part in the march in protest of House Bill 2491, which would remove certain requirements for abortion in the second or third trimester, Diana said.

Diana, in a news release, said “This is a rally of citizens that began with a spark ignited by the introduction of bills such as ratification for the so called, ‘Equal Rights Amendment,’ and the bill by Delegate Tran that would strip Virginia law of life saving measures for a woman and her baby in the third trimester. This spark became a burning flame when the Governor of Virginia made immoral and outrageous comments that promoted infanticide. The people of Virginia are saddened by the pro-abortion agenda being pushed by its political leaders.”

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