Buckingham County arrest report

Published 12:14 pm Thursday, February 14, 2019

February 3

• Dexter Gregory, 59 of Buckingham, charged with unauthorized use of vehicle; reckless driving; accident: driver not report; driving after forfeiture of license; drugs: possess schedule I or II; probation: violation on felony; fail to appear; false identify self to law enforcement; and drinking while driving/open container.

February 5

• Tina Clayton, 49 of Cumberland, charged with lottery: make lottery document with intent to defraud.

• Kent Clayton, 49 of Cumberland charged with two counts stolen goods: buy/receive larceny.

February 6

• James Trent, 30 of Moneta, charged with grand larceny: auto theft; license revoked.

• Matthew Risaliti, 32 of Axton, charged with grand larceny: auto theft.

• Gary Jones, 38 of Buckingham, charged with three counts assault and battery-family member.

February 7

• Dominique Booker, 21 of Buckingham, charged with highway: dump trash.

February 8

• Dewey Chatham, 61 of Buckingham, charged with alcohol safety program violation.

February 9

• Sequoya White, 34 of Buckingham, charged with lottery: larceny of lottery tickets.