Assault and robbery reported on H-SC campus

Published 9:19 am Wednesday, February 27, 2019

An assault and robbery took place on the campus of Hampden-Sydney College (H-SC) early Wednesday morning, according to H-SC Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Thomas M. Fowler.

Fowler shared the available details in a statement that was sent to the campus community early Wednesday morning.

“This morning at approximately 1:55 a.m., an assault and robbery occurred in the Carpenter Dorms parking lot,” he said in the statement. “As a result of this incident, officers thoroughly searched campus in an attempt to locate the suspect. The search was unsuccessful, and information received indicates the suspect left campus after the attack. As should be common practice, please always be alert and aware of your surroundings. If you witness any suspicious behavior, call campus police at (434) 223-6164 or 911 immediately.”

H-SC Director of Communications & Marketing Gordon Neal shared Fowler’s statement with The Herald in response to an inquiry about why an “Emergency Ended” header was present on the college’s website Wednesday morning.

At, one header read, “Emergency Ended,” and in a separate box across from it was a date and time stamp, “2019-02-27 06:33:26.”

A second header below that one read, “Emergency has ended. Resume normal activities.”

Neal said he would send more information connected to the assault and robbery if the college has any additional updates to share Wednesday.