Rev. Paul Wilson is a hero

Published 10:03 am Thursday, January 24, 2019


Upon reading the article on the $5 million being offered to Union Hill by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), it appears that the groups mentioned have been seduced by money. That is not true. Some citizens of Union Hill have met with representatives of the ACP and have been persuaded to change their stance on the pipeline. (The) Rev. Paul Wilson, who answers to a higher power, stands firm along with many of us who believe that the lives of people means more than money.

The proposal by the ACP is very attractive and much needed, but clean water and air are more important.

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Where will this $5 million come from? Anyone who gets their electricity from Dominion will pay. Who will benefit from the pipeline — the stockholders and who owns the most stock, why the officials and board members of the corporation. No gas is being offered to anyone in Buckingham County.

Dear ACP, we will never give up in our opposition to you. Paul Wilson is a hero.

Marie Flowers

Buckingham County