Commission changes leadership

Published 8:58 pm Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Farmville Planning Commission reorganized its leadership during its meeting Jan. 23.

Sherry Honeycutt

The meeting was held 7 p.m. at the Farmville Town Office.

Sherry Honeycutt, the former acting chair of the commission, nominated John Miller as chair. Members of the commission voted to approve Miller to the position.

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Cameron Patterson will serve as vice chair, and Jerry Davenport will serve as secretary.

Assistant Town Manager C. Scott Davis said Thursday morning that the commission’s reorganization takes place annually. Davis said Honeycutt was reappointed chair in 2018 and that her term does not expire until 2022.

All members will continue to serve on the commission.

In a statement, Honeycutt said Thursday morning that she served as chair for two years and wanted to give others an opportunity to serve.

In a follow-up interview, when asked about her term, Honeycutt said she had been taking a class at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) that certifies planning commissioners.

She said the class’ training contributed to her decision. Honeycutt, who has already been certified, said the town’s budget allocates for the class, and said Miller and Patterson are currently in the program.

“I think, after having had this class, and after having seen where leaders have stayed in that position for a long time, I think it’s a benefit to have turnover periodically,” Honeycutt said, “so that different members can have that opportunity to experience leadership roles.”

“After having been in this class and different leadership roles, like the school board and planning commission, you just need to give other people the opportunity to have those roles, and we’ve changed all three of ours,” Honeycutt said about the Farmville Planning Commission’s leadership. “I think it’s just good to let other people have that experience.”

John Miller

Davis confirmed the town’s allocation and the planning commission members’ participation in the program. He said the goal is to have all planning commission members certified.

Miller, in a statement Monday, said he was honored to be appointed to chair.

“I’m privileged to serve with a talented and diligent group of commissioners, and I look forward to serving the people of Farmville with them,” Miller said.

Miller said the commission will move forward with helping to develop the town’s comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan seeks to build an outline and vision statement for the town over the next decade. The public survey concerning the plan, which can be found at, closes Thursday.

“The consultants will begin working on a draft. In the forthcoming months, we’ll review drafts of different parts of the plan and make sure they balance the priorities of the community with best practices of municipal growth for the next decade or so,” Miller said about the plan.

“As part of that, as well as any other issues regarding planning, we’ll be working closely with residents, town council and the town staff,” Miller continued. “I encourage folks to share their ideas and concerns with me and/or their representative on the commission.”