Missing the point

Published 9:27 am Friday, January 11, 2019


Newly elected to her U.S. Representative post from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib immediately took center stage calling for the impeachment of the president. While I doubt that she is alone, I can’t say I’ve heard any other U.S. Representative standing in front of a camera in public, use the vulgarity this individual feels is necessary to belch out her purpose. And to prove what – that she is a tough individual?  The only thing this proves is that she has no regard for civility – and absolutely no class. She apparently enjoys being loud, brash and disruptive.

It just never ends in DC. When will those we elect understand that the real losers in the continuation of political back biting, bickering and childishness are the honest and upright citizens of the U.S., all who are waiting for our elected officials to just do their job.

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Peter Kapuscinski