FBI trains in town

Published 9:22 pm Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) team out of Quantico performed training exercises off West Third Street in the Town of Farmville on Friday morning.

The team flew from Quantico, which crew estimated took approximately 45 minutes.

Officials from the Town of Farmville and Farmville Police Department were at the training site, which was located adjacent to the entrance Wilck’s Lake Island.

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The FBI crew performed training exercises at the abandoned house at the site, which is owned by The Town of Farmville.

Town Manager Gerald Spates said the town has hosted other training exercises before with the U.S. Marines in locations such as Mottley Lake and the Farmville Regional Airport.

The crew placed explosives at the back wall of the abandoned house. After the explosive detonated, crew went into the house.

FBI crew asked those at the training site to stand behind an adjacent building before they denoted the explosive.

Farmville Mayor David Whitus said the training ended at approximately 10:45 a.m.

Spates said in an interview Friday that a sign about law enforcement training was placed on West Third earlier in the week. He said the sign was provided by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

“You need to let the public know that you’re doing that training,” Spates said. “You don’t want them to think, they see something like that and they might think it’s the real thing so we want people to be aware that there was a training exercise coming up.”

In response to a question about people potentially not being notified of the training, Spates said town officials visited nearby businesses to let them know about the training.

Spates said if it was announced on the radio, then everyone would be at the training site, which he said could pose security risks.