Buckingham County property transfers

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.


• Sprouses Corner LLC to Heritage Apartments LLC, parcel, Curdsville District. $1,750,000.

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• Dorothy Marie Allen to Paul Wesley Shifflett, et al, 12 AC, Marshall District. $45,000.

• Valerie Wilson Atkinson to Pearson Properties, LLC, interest in 13.37 AC, Francisco District.

• Houston Lee Bennett, et al to Lillian Carol Mott Bennett, 3 AC, Slate River District. Deed Gift.

• Shawn D. Bolden to Beacon Hill Holdings, LLC, 8.5 AC, James River District. $38,000.

• Joyce Chambers to Norvell A. Chambers, interest in 40.50 AC, Marshall District. $612.53.

• Joyce Chambers to Norvell A. Chambers, interest in 20 AC, Marshall. $1,042.

• Guy Bishop Dixon, Tr. to Kyanite Mining Corporation, see document. $565,000.

• Edmund Theodore Durand to Jessica Ann Hall, .894 AC, Slate River District. $92,888.

• Joyce Paige Eggleston to Heart of Virginia Home Buyers, .75 AC, Maysville District. $25,000.

• Joseph M. Falvella to Ralph C. Welton, 1 AC and 2 AC, Marshall District. $220,000.

• Juanita W. Gissentaner to Charles W. Benhoff, 20.12 AC, Curdsville District. $22,500.

• John P. Griffin, Jr. to Wayne Davis, 3.72 AC, Maysville District. $12,376.

• Lydia Haskins to Cedric L. Haskins, .5 AC and lot. $80,000.

• Mary B. Hayes to Racheal Onice Braxton, et al, 1.45 AC, Curdsville District. $7,000.

• Marilyn G. Hedstrom to Jeffery Cyr, et ux, 2 AC, Marshall District. $54,000.

• Jean L. Holton to Anna H. Yarashus, 51.2 AC, James River District. Deed Gift.

• Warren M. Huddleston, et al to Warren M. Huddleston, et al, 210.9 AC, Curdsville District. Deed Gift.

• Roy Matthew Johnson, et ux to Joseph A. Tavares, et ux, 3 AC, Francisco District. $174,000.

• Connie Mayo Jones to D. Wayne Smith, 1 AC and .273 AC, Marshall District. $10,000.

• Jean B. Jones to Brian O. Rose, 5.92 AC, 3.01 AC, Slate River District. $3,200.

• JP Morgan Chase Bank National to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. $79,400.

• Virginia B. Kolcum to Anna Donnelley Barry, 10.33 AC, Marshall District. $127,975.

• William M. Lyons, et ux to Howard W. Harris, et ux, 1.887 AC, Slate River District. $105,000.

• Laszlo Melan, et al to Nathan M. Demers, et al, 25.19 AC, Slate River District. $245,000.

• Steven Wayne Morgan, et ux to Cody A. Morgan, 16 AC, Maysville District. Deed Gift.

• Steven Wayne Morgan, et ux to Kaylyn S. Morgan, 16 AC, Maysville District. Deed Gift.

• Patel & Dalrymple, PLLC, Sub. Tr. to Sprouses Corner, LLC, .52 AC, James River District. $12,031.

• Andrew Payne, et al to Charles Wesley Price, et al, 3.154 AC, Maysville District. $129,500.

• Pearson Properties, LLC to Jason Page, et al, 13.37 AC, Francisco District. $39,900.

• H. Curtis Pearson, Jr. to Jonas A. Esh, 109.22 AC and 51.61 AC, James River District. $300,000.

• H. Curtis Pearson, Jr., et al to Thomas Darrell Tompkins, 10.70 AC, Slate River District. $100,000.

• Martin Romano to Richard A. Campbell, et ux, 26.48 AC, Slate River District. $38,000.

• Louise S. Ross to Louise S. Ross, et al 2.01 AC, Marshall District. Deed Gift.

• Silva Group, LLC to Garret Huyer, et al, 9.54 AC, James River District. $17,900.

• Billy E. Swan to Kate T. Whorley, 1.4 AC, Maysville District. Deed Gift.

• Margaret P. Thomas to Olunwa Nwaobi, 4.9774 AC, Francisco District. Deed Gift.

• Mary V. Tomda to Eric Wilkening, .23 AC and .005 AC, Marshall District. $100,000.

• Jeffrey T. Vance to Larry L. Perryman, Sr., et al, 4.70 AC, Slate River District. $95,500.

• William A. Viera, et al to Kaye P. Baughan, Tr., et al, 2 AC, Crudsville District. $133,000.

• Robert H. Whistleman, et al to Robert H. Whistleman, et ux, 102.97 AC, Francisco District. Deed Gift.

• Ophelia H. Williams to Ophelia H. Williams, et al, 1 AC, Slate River.