THE WORD: We are not perfect people

Published 7:57 am Thursday, November 1, 2018

I sometimes say the wrong thing and sometimes I say the right thing, but in the wrong way. Likewise, I sometimes do the wrong thing out of some selfish, human nature (or sometimes ignorance). Then again, there are times I do the right thing, I just ago about it the wrong way.

How about you? Have you ever tried getting it right and no matter what, no matter how it comes out of your mouth, not matter how well you planned and executed an event or handled a situation, it just turned out wrong or bad? I think most people have experienced this.

We are not perfect people. Time and time again I’m reminded that whether a person is saved through Christ and following Him as Lord or a person is “full on” rejecting the message of salvation and living the most sinful life they can, both are simply human. Both are simply flawed. Both are entitled to grace. Both are entitled to forgiveness, compassion, and encouragement.

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Because a person has accepted Christ and is reading their bible, applying God’s Word, following Christ’s teaching, staying in prayer, and living out the Great Commission, it doesn’t mean they will not mess up from time to time.

They forget to pick up the child from day care. They let their inspection expire on their car. They get a speeding ticket. Maybe even slip with a curse word from time to time. Christians are not perfect, yet they follow a perfect savior and strive each day to obtain perfection through him. Because a person has not accepted Christ it does not mean they are evil, should be belittled, berated, looked down upon and condemned. My point being, all people need grace.

Christians need to show grace to each other within the Christian fellowship of believers and Christians need to extend grace to others who are not yet part of that fellowship. Likewise, the unsaved need to give the “saved” a little “wiggle room” to mess up from time to time and stop expecting Christians to be perfect. If God in his infinite perfection and who has no obligation to do so, can extend grace to each person, saved and unsaved (through grace we are saved), then at the very least we who are nowhere near perfect should be able to do the same with each other.

Forgive when forgiveness is needed. Apologize when an apology is needed. Hold yourself and others accountable, but do so with love and understanding. God’s grace is greater than all of our sin. We are all here by his grace, can have salvation through his grace, and live by his grace each day. Let’s accept it, honor it, respond to it and share it with others.

“Grace, grace, God’s grace, Grace that will pardon and cleanse within; Grace, grace, God’s grace, Grace that is greater than all our sin.” (Grace Greater than All Our Sin-Julia H. Johnston; 1911)

REV. BARRY VASSAR is pastor at Fitzgerald Memorial Baptist. He can be reached at