The stable is accessible to all

Published 9:28 am Thursday, November 29, 2018

There are so many options for the birth of our Savior so why was a stable chosen? In the Middle East during the days of Christ, the stable is more of a cave in the side of a hill. The stable is not intended for human occupation but rather for animals. At best it is filthy and not fit for the birth of a child. It contains bugs, dirt, mice, bats, etc. The smell from the animals’ manure would almost take one’s breath away. All these things, along with being the storage place of dirty and broken things, make it an unlikely place for the birth of a Savior.

Why would the Creator, the King of all kings, our Savior enter this world by way of a lowly stable far from any fanfare, bright lights or worldly entertainment?

He could have been born in a palace but only the nobility would have been invited leaving out the common people. There is not enough room in Herod’s palace for two kings; therefore it is not available to Christ. The kings of the east come to worship the newborn king because even kings have a Higher Authority they must bow to.

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Jesus could have been born in the wealthiest home in Jerusalem but the poor, the majority of the world’s population, would be exempt from God’s gift of eternal life.

This would include the shepherds, who would not be welcome to worship the “… Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”

He could have been born in the home of the highest religious official of the day, the High Priest. The gentiles, however, would not be welcome into the presence of the Savior. The message of the birth of Christ is “…good tidings of great joy, which shall be to ALL people.”

He could have been born in the home of the most educated person of the day, but the uneducated would not receive an invitation. How do you understand God becoming flesh, a virgin giving birth, a sinless Savior dying for sinful men? Salvation comes by faith rather than by understanding.

The Lord Jesus could have been born in the inn but it has no room for Him, just like a lot of places today. The stable may be below somes dignity, standard or pride, but it is accessible to all. Many may choose to stay away but no one will be turned away.

Where else would the Lamb of God, who is to die for the sins of the world, be born? Today Jesus is also being born into dirty hearts, cleansing them, making us fit for heaven.

Why not discover the real meaning of Christmas by humbling yourself, confessing your sins to the Savior and bowing to the King of kings.

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