Strong showing for elections

Published 3:05 pm Thursday, November 8, 2018

By Emily Hollingsworth and Titus Mohler

Polling places in Prince Edward, Buckingham and Cumberland counties saw full parking lots and buildings during Tuesday’s elections, with county registrars and those manning the polls citing high voting results despite rainy weather.

See results for local elections below:

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Justin Midkiff

Justin Midkiff won the Circuit Court Clerk seat with 2,598 votes, or 43.06 percent. Interim clerk Diane Blackburn came second with 1,665 votes, or 27.60 percent. C.T. “Nicci” Edmondston came third with 1,379 votes, or 22.86 percent. Sam Davis came fourth at 333 votes, or 5.52 percent and David Ball came fifth with 50 votes, or 0.83 percent of the vote. There were eight write-in votes.

“I’m so grateful and humbled to receive this opportunity and to be one of the faces of Buckingham County,” Midkiff said in a statement on his social media page Wednesday. “The New Frontier will continue for Buckingham with this spark.”


Deidre Martin

Current Circuit Court Clerk Deidre Martin won the Circuit Court Clerk seat at 1,760 votes, or 42.27 percent. Eurika Tyree came second with 1,058 votes, or 25.41 percent. Susan Goodman Carden came third at 516 votes, or 12.39 percent. Mildred A. “Midge” Owens received 239 votes, or 5.74 percent. George L. “Lee” Dowdy, III received 229 votes, or 5.50 percent. Rodney A. Davenport received 189 votes, or 4.54 percent. Lundy H. “L. H.” Morgan, III  received 161 votes, or 3.87 percent. There were 12 write-in votes.

“Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for everyone’s support in this election,” Martin said in a statement Wednesday. “I thank God for allowing me this opportunity and I am so grateful for the confidence that the Cumberland County citizens have instilled in me. I look forward to upholding the legacy of previous clerks as well as establishing relationships with our citizens here in Cumberland County.”

Prince Edward

Gene A. Southall

Existing Supervisor Gene A. Southall won the District One Board of Supervisors race with 622 votes, representing 71.09 percent of the vote. Peter Y. Gur received 247 votes, representing 28.23 percent of the vote. Six votes went to write in candidates, for 0.69 percent of the vote.

Southall applied to fill the Farmville 101 District Supervisor seat and was appointed by judges to fill it in May. The seat was previously held by the late Howard Simpson, who had served on the board for 27 years. He died Feb. 13.

Southall came to the position with a long history of public service in the county. He had served as Prince Edward County Sheriff for 24 years before retiring in 2000. He noted he has lived in the county for his entire life and in the Farmville 101 District for 12 years.

All precincts have reported for the Lockett District School Board candidate. The write-in candidate received 337 votes. Douglas Farley, who received 100 votes, won by only a two-vote margin to Patricia Carter, who received 98. The other votes, according to the Prince Edward County Registrar’s Office, were either left blank or had other names included.

Lynnette Coe

Running unopposed for Clerk of Court was existing Clerk D. Lynnette Coe, who received 6,131 votes, representing 98.13 percent of the vote. There were 117 write-in votes, adding up to the remaining 1.87 percent.

“I thought it was a very good turnout, even with the way that the weather was,” Coe said Wednesday. “Still, everyone really came out. It was a very good turnout yesterday, and I was pleased to see that.”

“We have already started accepting online payments effective Nov. 1 for folks to be able to pay their fines and costs online 24 hours a day,” Coe said about goals for the clerk’s office. “I’m looking into the procedure of starting e-filing, which means that civil suits can be filed online. They do not have to be brought directly into the office.”

Coe said the aim for her and the clerk’s office is to operate an efficient office that county residents can count on.


Tim Kaine

Incumbent Tim Kaine won the U.S. Senate seat, beating out candidates Corey Stewart and Matt Waters.

Local numbers saw a pull for Stewart in Cumberland and Buckingham, while Prince Edward revealed a majority showing for Tim Kaine.

Kaine won Prince Edward with 55.04 percent of the vote, equaling 3,893 votes. Stewart received 3,064 votes, good for 43.32 percent, while Libertarian Matt Waters garnered 111 votes, equaling 1.57 percent. There were five write-in votes.

In Cumberland, Stewart received 2,270 votes, or 54.12 percent. Tim Kaine received 1,849 votes or 44.09 percent. Matt Waters received 74, or 1.76 percent. There was one write-in vote.

In Buckingham, Stewart received 3,249 votes, or 52.95 percent. Tim Kaine came second at 2,800 votes, or 45.63 percent. Matt Waters received 83, or 1.35 percent of the vote and there were four write-in votes.

Denver Riggleman

Denver Riggleman took the seat for the 5th Congressional District, beating candidate Leslie Cockburn.

Cumberland and Buckingham showed strong results for Riggleman, with Prince Edward County showing strong results for Cockburn.

Cockburn had 3,815 votes in Prince Edward, equaling 54.11 percent of the vote. Republican Denver Riggleman received 45.77 percent of the vote, which was 3,227 votes. There were eight write-in votes.

Riggleman had 2,350 votes in Cumberland, or 56.69 percent. Leslie Cockburn received 1,379 votes, or 43.18 percent. There were five write-in votes.

Riggleman had 3,363 votes in Buckingham, or 55.08 percent of the vote. Cockburn took second at 2,736 votes, or 44.81 percent. There were seven write-ins.

Prince Edward and Cumberland counties received official voting results as of Wednesday afternoon, citing only minor changes from the unofficial results presented Tuesday evening. Due to provisional votes discovered during Election Day in Buckingham, Registrar Margaret Thomas said it may be Friday before official results are available, though said the changes that would be included are expected to be minor.