Somebody’s getting ripped off

Published 10:52 am Thursday, November 29, 2018


Check out the gas prices. For over a month the prices in Powhatan and western Richmond have been as much as 20 to 25 cents a gallon cheaper than in Farmville. Gas in Cumberland is usually another 5 cents a gallon more expensive than Farmville. Why? Most gas stations are operated by large companies like Murphys (Walmart), Sheetz, BP, Valero. Other gas stations may be independent operators. But they all cluster their prices together and charge whatever people are willing to pay. Some will argue that they are forced to charge their price because of the cost of gas to them by their distributor. Maybe so.

So, who is getting ripped off, us or them? The per gallon prices today Nov. 28, are Murphys, Farmville – $2.30: Cumberland – $2.35, Sheetz (Powhatan 60 and 522) – $2.08, Midlothian – $2.05. Do yourself a favor. Next time you drive to Richmond, leave with a half full tank of gas and buy in Powhatan or Richmond. The prices around here won’t stay up when enough people start buying their gas somewhere else.

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Bob Pennington