Message is becoming clear

Published 3:50 pm Tuesday, November 6, 2018


This time of the year, I begin thinking about the upcoming holidays. One of my favorite movies to watch is “It’s A Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart who plays George Bailey in a town, Bedford Falls. During part of the movie we see Bedford Falls turn into Pottersville, named after the greedy, mean-spirited, lying Mr. Potter. People who had been friendly, open and generous when it was Bedford Falls, were mean, cynical and scared when it was Pottersville. Mr. Potter called Italian-Americans “garlic-eaters” and implied in other ways that they were not as good as (us). I feel like America is turning into Pottersville. My president says because I’m a Democrat, I’m part of a mob; I’m not. He says we believe in open borders; we don’t. In general, he lies about what we Democrats believe. How can anyone respect a president who lies about them? Some describe our president as the divider-in-chief. I don’t believe the hatred and violence from the far right that has been erupting is all his fault, but I do believe he and TrumpTV, Fox, are contributing to it with their lies. When he talked about carnage in his inaugural speech, I didn’t understand. I’m beginning to understand.

Sandy Bruton

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