Disagree with Ruff

Published 9:35 am Thursday, November 8, 2018


Frank Ruff Jr. in his letter of Oct. 24 adopts the “both sides do it” idea about a lack of civility in political activity. I wonder whether he still thinks that after the person who sent bombs to prominent Democrats turned out to be an ardent Trump supporter. Someone we can agree is a “deplorable.” I will give Ruff the benefit of the doubt that he was unaware of the bombs when he wrote his letter. However, I wonder if he subscribes to the “false flag” idea that the bombs were sent by Democrats.

By the way, he showed himself to be extremely gullible to right-wing propaganda in that he believes that the right’s favorite boogeyman, George Soros, is paying people to protest against Trump. Ruff exhibits a lack of critical thinking by adopting this nonsense. He shouldn’t worry. Trump gives protestors plenty of reason to protest pro bono. For Ruff’s information, people peacefully protesting government policies by holding marches is protected by the First Amendment, something that Trump doesn’t like and appears neither does Ruff.

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No, both sides don’t do it. Trump’s speeches and tweets are all about hate and fear. It’s no wonder he attracts some of the worst people who use his rhetoric as permission for violence.

James Peca