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Salute to gridiron stalwarts

The work that our high school football players are putting in right now is extraordinary and quite worthy of our and the community’s acknowledgement.

The impact of Tropical Storm Michael rearranged the schedules of all the varsity football teams in the Heart of Virginia, putting Buckingham County, Cumberland County and Prince Edward County high schools in the position of having to play three games in seven days.

Expected inclement weather this weekend may stretch that out slightly for some of the teams but will still force them all to play in a tighter interval than usual, since they still have another game remaining Friday, Nov. 2. Buckingham moved its Friday, Oct. 26, game to Thursday — its third game in six days.

Fuqua School endured a two-game week last week and managed to go 2-0.

These compressed schedules would qualify as busy in any sport, but for a collision sport like football, they are especially taxing.

We salute all of the Knights, Dukes, Eagles and Falcons who have been indefatigable, a word meaning “incapable of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring.” The life lesson is powerful.