Receiving presidential insight

Published 12:47 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018

It is well-known that one can get a good education at Hampden-Sydney College (H-SC), and while that is largely made possible through the hard work of faculty, students recently were able to benefit directly from the professional insights of H-SC President Dr. Larry Stimpert in one-on-one conversations.

Hampden-Sydney Director of Communications & Marketing Gordon Neal provided some background on the opportunity, which took place Tuesday, Sept. 11.

“In a meeting over the summer, President Stimpert asked Stephanie Joynes, director of the Ferguson Career Center, how he could help students as they navigate the career search process,” Neal said. “Given the importance of professional resumes, as well as the many resume requests the college receives from alumni looking to hire Hampden-Sydney students and graduates, President Stimpert offered to help review students’ resumes.”

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He followed through. Amid a sea of students eating and socializing in Pannill Commons, Stimpert created an effective work space by giving focused, individual attention and wisdom to students seeking guidance.

“When President Stimpert makes time for one-on-one conversations with students about how they can improve their resumes and their presentation to employers, it provides students the confidence to move forward in the job and internship search,” Joynes said.

H-SC students shared firsthand some of the other benefits they derived from Stimpert’s efforts.

“The feedback given on my resume, the advice given on important alumni connections and the insight on the career field I want to go into by President Stimpert were so valuable,” senior Jack James said. “Meeting and chatting with the president of the college is not something most people will get from their college experience.”

Senior David Arias said, “It was encouraging to hear Dr. Stimpert giving my resume great feedback. Furthermore, it was very helpful to receive recommendations on what to include in a cover letter. Overall, it was very useful to receive feedback from a person who has the profile of the future employer I expect to have, as it provided me with an opportunity to listen to what a potential employer would like to see on my resume and cover letter.”

Junior Daniel Newberry echoed some of Joynes’ thoughts in his comments.

“President Stimpert reviewing my resume was a great opportunity,” he said. “Applying for internships can be a difficult process, and having someone with great experience to look over your resume makes you feel confident.”