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Loving our neighbors


The Bible says to love our neighbors as ourselves. Just who is our neighbor? During this past week, I saw many. Some were driving big white trucks, men and some women were wearing hard hats, some local and some out of state. All working to restore our electricity. Boy was I glad to see them.

I also saw men using their own power saws clearing trees and debris from our country roads. They were volunteers, working so people could get to where they needed to go. VDOT was also out there and is still out and maybe several more days of hard, dangerous work. Bless you.

What more can a neighbor do? One served hot meals for free to anyone in need of one. I understand there was a continuous line from early morning until after dark. We need to thank this generous lady and her volunteers for their generous work.

I’m sure there were other dedicated neighbors. Thank you for your service, thank you editor for printing this, thank you God for our neighbors. Help us to also be one.

Joyce C. Slayton