He just doesn’t get it

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2018


First, I’d like to thank Mr. Schmidt for correcting me on some of the information in my letter to the editor. Next, I’d like to thank him for letting us know how many other types of guns would be more efficient at killing people. We all have so much more to worry about. And, I must say that I am in awe to learn that he has killed “in excess of 6,000 game animals” in his 50 years of hunting. Wow! I’m very impressed. He seems to truly have a love of killing things.

But, as a responsible gun owner, he should not object to common sense rules to which the NRA is opposed. Surely, he does not object, for instance, to rules regarding the safety of drivers and pedestrians while operating a vehicle. Such laws do not impinge on the individual’s right to own or drive a car but to ensure the safety of everyone.

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Again, I say Mr. Schmidt just doesn’t get it.

Michele Varga