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Election Day: What to know

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 6. Here’s what you need to know about polling places, and the state and local representatives running. Please note that a photo ID is required when voting:


Buckingham County will be holding elections for a Circuit Court Clerk following the retirement of clerk Malcolm Booker Jr. It will be the only local office seat up for election. There are no votes taking place in the Town of Dillwyn.

Among those in the running are community member and real estate agent David Wade Ball, Buckingham native and Cumberland assistant county administrator C.T. “Nicci” Edmondston, Interim Circuit Court Clerk Diane B. Blackburn, Buckingham County Sheriff’s Department representative Samuel G. “Sam” Davis and Buckingham native Justin D. Midkiff.


Like Prince Edward and Buckingham, Cumberland residents will also be voting for a Circuit Court Clerk Nov. 6. It will be the only local office seat up for election.

Among those running include school board members Eurika V. Tyree and George “Lee” Dowdy III, interim Circuit Court Clerk Deidre D. Martin, law enforcement representatives Lundy “L. H. “Morgan, III and Rodney A, Davenport, Fuqua School dean Susan Goodman Carden and Farm Bureau representative Mildred A. “Midge” Owens.

Prince Edward

The 101 Farmville District seat will be up for a special election for the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors following the death of representative Howard Simpson in February.

Gene A. Southall, who applied and had been appointed to fill the seat in May, will be running for the position. Dr. Peter Gur, who serves on the Prince Edward County School Board, will also be running for the position.

Prince Edward will hold a special election for the Circuit Court Clerk seat following the retirement of Machelle J. Eppes this year. Lynnette Coe, sworn in as interim clerk of the court following Eppes’ retirement, will be running unopposed for the seat.

The 201, Lockett District seat on the Prince Edward County School Board will be up for election. General Jenkins, initially on the ballot for the seat, announced in September that he would be unable to run due to a family emergency. There is no one on the ballot for that seat. Patricia Carter will be running as a write-in candidate for the seat.

Ballot questions

There are expected to be two questions for voters that pertain to allowing the state Legislature to authorize local governments to provide a partial local property tax exemption for real estate subject to recurrent flooding, and mending the state constitution to remove a restriction on where the surviving spouse of a disabled military veteran may have his or her principal place of residence in order to receive a property tax exemption. Voters can vote yes or no on these two questions.

5th Congressional District

Air Force veteran and business owner Denver Riggleman (R) and award-winning longtime journalist Leslie Cockburn (D) are on the ballot for the 5th Congressional District election.

U.S. Senate

Incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine (D), candidate Corey Stewart (R) and Libertarian candidate Matt J. Waters are on the ballot for the U.S. Senate seat for Virginia.

Polling locations

Buckingham voting locations include District 1: New Canton Precinct: Arvonia Firehouse, State Road 675, 46 Boxwood Drive, and Georgia Creek Precinct: Centenary United Methodist Church; 12247 S. Constitution Route. District 2: White Hall Precinct: Dillwyn Rescue Squad Building; 222 Wingo Road. District 3: Curdsville Precinct: Curdsville Community Center, State Road 633; 122 School Road, and New Store Precinct: Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, State Road 612; 2490 Chestnut Grove Road. District 4: Maysville Precinct: County Agricultural Center, State Road 60; 54 Administration Lane. District 5: Wrights Precinct: Toga Firehouse, State Road 24; 1779 Mount Rush Highway, and Glenmore Precinct: Glenmore Fire Station, State Road 740; 179 Firehouse Road. District 6: Slate River Precinct: Masonic Lodge, State Road 20; 12262 S. Constitution Highway. District 7: Gold Hill Precinct: Baptist Union Baptist Church, State Road 692; 127 Baptist Union Road.

Cumberland voting locations include Cartersville Rescue Squad at 1667 Cartersville Road for District 101, Cumberland Fire Department at 30 Old Buckingham Road for District 201, Cumberland Community Center at 1874 Anderson Highway for District 301, and Southern Cumberland Community Center (Randolph Fire Department) at 2145 Cumberland Road for districts 401 and 501.

Prince Edward voting locations include District 101, Farmville Area Bus Station at 502 Doswell St; District 201, Rice Volunteer Fire Department at 948 Rices Depot Road; District 301, Mt. Zion Baptist Church at Highway 696, Green Bay Road; District 302, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church at 342 Mt. Pleasant Road; District 402, Hampden-Sydney Vol. Fire Department at 108 S. Boundary Road; District 501, Darlington Heights Volunteer Fire Department at 2673 Darlington Heights Road; District 502, Piedmont ASAP at 4026 W. Third St.; District 601, Prospect Volunteer Fire Department at 45 Campbell Hill Road; District 701, Farmville Volunteer Fire Department at 1000 W. Third St. and District 801 at the Prince Edward County Elk’s Lodge at 636 S. Main St.

Saturday is the last day to vote an in-person absentee ballot at 124 N. Main Street, second floor.

To learn more, visit the respective campaign sites or view our past coverage at www.FarmvilleHerald.com.