Value in respect

Published 3:29 pm Tuesday, September 18, 2018


There is a fine line between free speech and sedition. Those who exercise their right to speak out and offer their opinions should be encouraged, regardless of one’s stand on an issue, or an elected official’s job performance.

However, when a prominent individual, the media, or some other entity has a public forum, and openly incites listeners to rebel against, interrupt and obstruct, and particularly, with violence intended, the State, our Federal Government or its duly elected officials, that is sedition.

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The beauty of our Constitution is that it allows Americans to change our governing process peacefully. Nowhere in the world was that ever possible before the American experiment was attempted. Sedition, and its big brother chaos that results, bring unchecked and uncontrolled – and often times, unwanted – change. In America, we’re still trying to get it right, and while we have our warts, we recognize them, and those who value history – the way it is, and not the way some would have it rewritten – know how to use that information to keep America moving forward.

Our hope should be, during this next election and those that follow, that our elected officials who serve all of us, recognize the value in working toward a peaceful and respectful common American purpose, and that they stop the corrupt and chaotic activities in our Nation’s Capital and other cities and states, all of which impose dramatically on America’s ability to improve.

Peter Kapuscinski