THE WORD: What to do when you don’t know what to do

Published 7:20 am Thursday, September 27, 2018

“For we have no might against. this great multitude that come against us, neither know what we to do; but our eyes are upon you.” — 2 Chronicles 20: 12b. NKJV

It’s truly an understatement that recent weeks have yielded some unusually depressing weather conditions within our region as well as the East Coast and neighboring states. The storms, rains and winds of hurricane and tornado categories reached catastrophic levels. Moreover, subsequent flooding has followed and has been even more devastating and detrimental than the former. And I believe that of the many things that holds true during such trying times of such sudden turmoil is that the people of God in many instances are rendered completely “helpless” and do not know what to do in the aftermath of such tragedies in their lives.

Realization quickly sets in that one is at the mercy of the almighty regardless of what status one enjoyed just days or even hours before. When the winds blow and keeps blowing and the waters come and keep rising, it undoubtedly yields such a reality in one’s life. However, one can find this to be true in a real sense or even figuratively as well, regarding such sudden perils of life. Usually in such a dilemma one is left with a single option for resolution, and that is looking unto the lord because they just “do not know what to do.”

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This scripture is about a situation regarding a people of God that finds themselves overshadowed with fear from a multitude of evil doers that keeps advancing closer and closer upon them. They have retreated but realize that they have not the power or might against the threat. The threat is now of catastrophic proportions and they have resolved within themselves that they just do not know what to do. But, they still are not willing to give in or give up. They decide to exercise an option that will yield an answer with divine implications.

They boldly communicate to the Almighty that things do not look good and we don’t have the answer but with great assurance they let the Eternal know that their eyes are upon “Him.” How encouraging for us as believers to be reminded that no matter our plight regarding the rising winds, the sudden storms, or the rising and flooding waters of this life that we should keep our eyes upon God for our every moment of safety and peace.

In the figurative sense, the multitude of evil doers will show up against believers at more junctions along life’s journey than one can imagine. However, know it’s OK to acknowledge to the almighty that “you do not know what to do, but your eyes are upon Him.”

REV. DR. JAMES TAYLOR is pastor of Jericho Baptist Church in Farmville. His email is