Redbud Garden Club meeting

Published 10:57 am Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Redbud Garden Club met Aug. 28 at the Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library with Janet Higgins and Joyce Thompson as co-hostesses. Master Naturalist JoAnn Jones presented a program, sharing her ongoing study of the life cycles of monarch butterflies and the milkweed species they and other creatures rely on. A slide show of some of the many photographs she has taken, some of them greatly magnified to show the detail, was supplemented by a handout listing sources of further information and a live exhibit featuring a newly emerged monarch, which was released following her talk. Jones urged everyone to plant milkweed to bolster the dwindling numbers of monarchs.

Members receiving blue ribbons for the design “Garden Bounty” were Janet Higgins, Nancy Schaeffer, Sarah Schember and Barbara Stimpson. Joyce Thompson earned a red ribbon. Receiving blue ribbons for the arrangement “Solo Time” were Rebecca Giles, Geraldine Sanderson and Nancy Schaeffer. Red ribbons were earned by Dottie Fahrner and Ann Ligon. Specimen awards were given to Rebecca Giles – two blue, one red, Geraldine Sanderson – one blue, two red and Nancy Schaeffer – eight blue.

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