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No interest in school board seat

No potential school board candidates spoke during a meeting Wednesday with the Prince Edward County School Board, which is seeking to find a successor for the Lockett District seat.

The former Lockett District school board member, General Jenkins, resigned due to a family illness.

Members of the school board met at the James M. Anderson School Board Conference Room. The meeting began at 4:30 p.m. and lasted for approximately 20 minutes.

“Interested candidates need to be prepared to make a public statement of interest,” a public notice of the meeting cited. “Candidates must provide a resume and written statement of interest to the School Board.”

Due to the close proximity of the Nov. 6 election, Prince Edward County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Barbara Johnson and Board Chairwoman Beulah Womack said the school board will not be able to hold another public hearing before the election.

Johnson said the school division would have to notify a judge in the county that the school board held a public hearing but no interested candidates attended.

Lynette Wright, the registrar for Prince Edward County, said in an earlier interview Jenkins officially withdrew from the election Sept. 5, leaving the ballot for the position now as a write-in space. Jenkins’ name was previously on the ballot for the election prior to the withdrawal.

“We thought it would be less confusing for the voters when they went to the polls,” Wright said.

There is no other person on the ballot for the Lockett District School Board seat.

Wright said there will be instruction for voters writing in a name for a candidate during Election Day Nov. 6.