Give the people a choice

Published 3:28 pm Tuesday, September 18, 2018


I have written this letter to ask that you please consider my opinion as it relates to the removal of our state’s confederate statues. As a current student of America’s History, I feel that our confederate statues serve as a reminder of how our great nation was formed. However, based on current news events, our modern population is furious about the historic statues that were decided on many years ago.

As an alternative to permanent removal of our Confederate statues, why don’t we rotate in a new historic statue every five years? We could allow the citizens of the local community where the statue stands vote on a statue that they would like to see represented in their community. Allowing the local community to vote for the statues would allow for more people to be represented than just historical figures. We could see suggestions for artists, educational leaders, sports figures and community leaders. Additionally, with community involvement in the decision making process, the statue recommendations that are submitted will grow and evolve in step with the community. I envision the unveiling of a new statue every five years as a positive community event that is highly anticipated and celebrated.

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My suggestion would cost more than just leaving the same statue in place but we could have local businesses compete for statue sponsorship. For example, “This statue of our great Senator Mark Warner was made possible by a grant from Bob’s Wheel and Alignment.”

This project obviously would cost more taxes on the people in the community but more of the people will be willing to pay the extra taxes because they have more of a role in how the money is being spent.

Cooper Fraser

Ninth-grader, Buckingham High School