Club opens 93rd year

Published 5:28 am Friday, September 28, 2018

Members of The Longwood Garden Club opened their 93rd year with a meeting on Sept. 24 held at the Longwood Bed and Breakfast, the home in which the Longwood Garden Club was organized 93 years ago. Mrs. Joseph L. Jarman, one of the founding members of the club, and her husband, the president of what was then State Teachers College, now Longwood University, lived in what is now called the Longwood Bed and Breakfast. This house was the residence of the school’s presidents until 1969 when the Willetts moved to Longwood House. The club’s 64th president, David Whaley, served as host.

The arrangement for the day was “Take a Flower in Your Hand—A Stretch Arrangement.” Six arrangements were exhibited by the members. Candy Dowdy, Rachel Ivers, and Ann Morton Neale received blue ribbons. Shirley Blackwell and Marianne Dennison received red ribbons. Kitty Hubbard received a white.

Sixteen horticultural specimens were exhibited by nine members. Shirley Blackwell, Marianne Dennison, Harlan Horton, Reed Horton, Rachel Ivers, Ann Morton Neale, Charles Ross, and David Whaley received blue ribbons. Kitty Hubbard received a red.

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