This is when enough is enough

Published 6:57 pm Tuesday, August 7, 2018

am responding to the baseless attacks on Karl Schmidt and President Trump by Jim Fauci (July 24) and James Peca (July 26) in Letters to the editor. These gentlemen need an education in honest discourse.

Mr. Fauci begins with the absurd, hypothetical question, “… was Mr. Putin able to persuade Donald Trump to give up the names of all our counter intelligence people around the world? Then he surmises that Putin would come to the U.S. “… to get a copy of our nuclear code … ”  I surmised that he was being facetious, until he began to rant about Trump abandoning NATO (false).

The only threats to our troops in the Far East are North Korea and China, not our president, who is playing hardball for a change. Gone are the days of Obama’s strategic patience. There was certainly enough of that do-nothing foreign policy.

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Then … wait for it …Trump is separating children from their parents. Karl Schmidt is correct. Americans who are incarcerated for a crime, give up rights to their children. “Illegal” immigration is a crime. We have a moral obligation to protect these children from human traffickers, sexual predators and those who would otherwise abuse them. Should we simply hand them over to any adult who claims them? If the parents would only come to ports of legal entry, this would be no issue at all.

Mr. Peca begins his “short on the facts” letter by denying the existence of the left wing media. Oh yes? Who is behind the corporations, which own them? What are their political goals? Why is it that they never report any of the positive gains made by our economy? Historically low unemployment for minorities and women? What ever happened to ethical and balanced reporting? What about Facebook and Twitter and their algorithms, blocking access to conservative points of view?

Russian influence in our elections is a scary proposition and the president has met with top security personnel to strategize for the midterms. So what procedures did he refuse to implement?  Obama knew they were meddling and did not do one single thing about it. Not one vote was compromised and Trump won. Russians purchased a few thousand dollars in ads on Facebook. Do you think that any Hillary worshippers were swayed by that? You must be suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Trump has given nothing to Putin. Our commitment to NATO is strong and our partners have agreed to up their defense spending. Sanctions against Russia are severe and the annexation of Crimea will never be recognized. Trump is making a deal to ship our natural gas to the EU. This is a Putin “Nightmare.”  Their economy is weak and energy is their cash cow. The EU was ready to build a pipeline to Russia and thus make themselves energy hostages. President Trump is anything but a Russian agent and Putin knows it.

Treason? Really? It is the globalists and the agents of the deep state who are the traitors to the ideal that is America. They have done everything they can to compromise our borders and thereby our sovereignty. They attempted the decimation of our military. They facilitate the free flow of drugs.

They provide support to anarchists and domestic terrorists. They encourage the tyranny of the minority. They stifle opposing opinions. They brainwash our students and our future with them. They seek to centralize power in a puppet government, where they are the puppet masters. They seek to destroy participatory democracy. These are the things to fear and this is the time when enough is enough.

Lucy Klaus lives in Cumberland County. Her email address is