THE WORD: Why me? Yes you!

Published 7:32 am Thursday, August 2, 2018

“You are a chosen people … that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9.

Frequently along life’s journey we encounter situations which causes a spontaneous utterance such as, “why me?” Usually the “why me?” is uttered when one is having a bad day from a series of mishaps that has caused anxiety with the potential for more challenges ahead.

However, one should be reminded that the “why me?” is not always proclaimed from the negative. Oftentimes for the believer, it can also be uttered upon receiving unexpected blessings from the Lord. And usually in bewilderment you ask yourself, why me? Or why was I chosen?

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In this scripture, Peter is declaring to those that are scattered that they are a chosen people and for a specific purpose. He endeavors to encourage them; however, this scripture is also remarkably encouraging to believers of today as well. The passage reveals our chosenness, our royal role in this world, and our inheritance as children of the most high God.

When we reflect on verse 9, we should be amazed at the high and holy nature of our calling. It makes you realize that mercy has been lavished upon the believer and we’re in a privileged place despite all that may be going on around us, regardless of the condition in which we find ourselves.

This passage is a rags-toriches story; but the amazing story does not end with God just saving us. There is much more to embrace regarding being chosen for declaring His praises. Moreover, in Peter’s storyline you recognize that you have been transferred from a kingdom of darkness to a kingdom of light.

We were blind, but now we see; we were hidden and then revealed; we were lost in a dark, murky wilderness, then plucked out of it and placed on streets of gold glimmering under the perpetual radiance of the Son. And thus, there is a profound purpose to our salvation other than ourselves.

We are bestowed with the honor of chosenness with the specific purpose of declaring His praises. Therefore, you should now look at the phenomena of divine worship in a different light with renewed purpose. With a clearer view and understanding of our chosenness, we now have cause to re-evaluate our level of worship against the backdrop of our salvation.

Thus, one should now see that joyful worship is the place of greatest blessings, of the richest fellowship and of true fulfillment. From this scripture there can be a new revelation of a higher level and worth in the body of Christ, because of your divine appointment of being chosen to lift the highest declaration of praise unto Him.

Why me? Yes you!

DR. JAMES TAYLOR, III is the pastor of the Jericho Baptist Church in Farmville. His email address is: