The perfect law of liberty

Published 9:45 am Thursday, August 9, 2018

You may be familiar with many Old Testament laws. There are the Ten Commandments which are the moral laws, dietary laws for Israel’s health, judicial laws to govern the people, etc. Some believe the New Testament is only grace with no laws. When it comes to salvation, it is all grace and no works because it is God’s free gift for the asking. However, for sanctification, which is our spiritual growth, we must follow certain laws.

One law is found in James Chapter 1 verse 25 which states “ … the perfect law of liberty …” The word perfect means to be complete, finished or mature. It is not a reference to being sinless, but instead blameless. Our growth or development as a Christian is based on our relationship to the Word of God. Verse 22 says “… be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only …”

Verse 23 illustrates how the Bible is like a mirror. It reveals things that need attention such as a dirty face or messy hair. The Bible is more than just literature to impress us or information for trivia questions. It is to be obeyed. We are not just hearers, but doers of the Word of God.

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When we read the Bible, God tries to correct or add something to our lives by speaking to our hearts. The key is not to be a forgetful listener. It is so easy to neglect what the Bible says or give an excuse why we cannot do what He wants. Too many times we are absent-minded or have trained ourselves to be forgetful of God’s Word. We must “… continue therein … ” Just as we keep our physical health before us and think healthy, we must also think of our spiritual health.

We need to make ourselves available to what God wants for us and to His grace in order to accomplish it. Today’s society wants to do away with all absolutes and have complete freedom. May I remind you that freedom without law is chaos. Notice the addictions, substance abuse, depression, guilt and bitterness of those who live free of morality. The perfect law of liberty, the Bible, will set us free to live without the control of others or things by helping us grow spiritually and to be mature.

Obedience will bring us under God’s authority, which will free us from ourselves, what others want us to do and the temptations of the Devil. God has our best interests in mind. The Bible reveals who He is and, by obeying Him, we will be blessed in this life and rewarded in eternity. God’s Word is a road map to the lost, a comfort for the suffering, a warning to the reckless and wisdom for the simple. I believe what we need today is not more knowledge of the Bible but obedience to what we already know.

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