High Bridge parking area closes

Published 8:13 am Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A parking area along Aspen Hill Road for High Bridge Trail State Park closed Wednesday, Park Manager Daniel Jordan confirmed.

The parking area, located approximately 1.3 miles into Aspen Hill Road, was situated next to an area where people could enter the High Bridge Trail. The lot can fit approximately three vehicles.

A sign posted at the parking lot details the closing.

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Jordan said the decision for the park to close the lot and install the sign was due to safety concerns.

“You have a high rate of speed,” Jordan said concerning the speed limit at the road, which is 55 miles per hour, “and it’s on a blind curve, so we’re afraid of a car accident happening because of people pulling out, and somebody coming around that corner too fast.”

He said the Camp Paradise access lot, the lot closest to High Bridge, will remain open.

“Camp Paradise Road is still accessible from Aspen Hill Road, that’s not closing,” Jordan said.