Healthy step toward growth

Published 2:23 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

There are a variety of factors involved in making a given area an attractive place to live for young professionals. Members of the Farmville community have dedicated some thought and effort to making the area more appealing to young people after college. We believe this endeavor is certainly in the best interest of the town and the Heart of Virginia, in general.

Because of that and the welfare of the existing population, we would like to commend Centra for establishing a medical center in Farmville specifically for children 17 and younger. The pediatric center is expected to open mid-September at the Centra Medical Group building at 935 S. Main St.

Most young people or couples looking for a place to live will be interested to know that it is well-equipped to offer health care for their present or future children. Practicing at the center will be Dr. Grace Esare-Nkrumah and Dr. Luis Zamora Siliezar, the latter of whom specializes in pediatric endocrinology, a study that examines the endocrine system, the system responsible for secreting hormones necessary for the body’s development and function.

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“We are excited to improve access for pediatric care in this region,” Centra Southside Community Hospital CEO Tom Angelo said in a statement. “We continue to strive in hiring the best doctors and ensuring quality high care close to home. We are also excited about bringing pediatric endocrinology services to this region.”