Airport to close for renovation

Published 8:59 pm Thursday, August 30, 2018

Renovations are expected to take place at the Farmville Regional Airport over the next month. The town announced the airport would close Sept. 10 and is expected to reopen Oct. 15.

Delta Airport Consultants Inc., based in Richmond, is set to be the engineer on the renovation project and Sargent Corporation, based in Ashland, is set to be the construction company.

The renovations will focus on paving and repairing the airport’s apron, the section of the airport where airplanes park and taxi to and from the runway.

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At the time the airport will close, the town will conduct Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) about the airport closure. The construction is set to end Saturday, Oct. 14, and expects to reopen Sunday, Oct. 15.

Between Monday, Nov. 12, and Wednesday, Nov. 14, the airport’s apron will receive a final seal coat and paint tie down.

The airport also recently received a grant from the Virginia Aviation Board (VAB) of $31,857 for runway paving and lighting rehabilitation. Farmville’s airport was one of 30 airports around Virginia that received grants from the VAB totaling $6.4 million.